Willy Quiko


Of Guadeloupean and Sicilian origins, the double bass player, bassist and composer from Marseille Willy Quiko has taken part in numerous projects mixing different musical universes such as jazz, classical and some world music, and more particularly African music (the K.B.K trio, P.A. Bona group), Latin America and the Caribbean (Kontigo Salsa, Orchesta Sabroson). He graduated in jazz music from the conservatory of Marseille, and also graduated in classical music from the conservatory of Aix-en-Provence, where he earned a chamber music award with special mention of the jury. As far as his studies and professional career, he has collaborated on concerts and teaching sessions with various orchestras and ensembles, such as Roy René's Les archets, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Aix-en-Provence, the Chamber Orchestra of Marseille, the Chamber Orchestra of Cévennes, the OJM, the Chamber Orchestra of the Toulon Opera, Musicatreize, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nice, the London Symphony Orchestra, and others.

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