Simon Bolzinger

Pianist, composer, arranger, Simon Bolzinger has a background in classical and jazz (having trained with Magali Souriau and Guy Longnon), in addition to his scientific career (with Jean-Claude Risset). He is passionate about traditional music from South America and the Caribbean, which he transcribes on piano or rewrites for orchestra, always respecting tradition and striving
for authenticity. In 1989 he went to live in Venezuela where he performed for two years. Artistic director of the PICANTE Association in Marseille since 1993, he has organized the
"Rencontres Tambor y Canto" every year since 2005, as well as international exchanges which then get produced as shows and albums.

He can be found:
> as a pianist and director of his jazz trio, the Tambor y Canto Company, the Zumbao group and the Franco-Venezuelan collective Zumbadera;
> as a composer for the Strasbourg-based vocal ensemble "Voix de Strass";
> as an arranger and accompanist of mixed music: the shows "Latin Power" with Alberto Pollan, "Galarumba" with Martha Galarraga, "Nougarôtrement" with Jean-Philippe Trotobas, "Wayaj"
with Elsy Fleriag, "Barbara Jazz" with Katy Bolide...
>as the pedagogical director of the orchestra workshops "Fiesta Salsa" at the Cité de la Musique in Marseille, and of the summer course "Salsa au Bord du Lac" in Espinasses (05).